Meet Brian Castro: Panama!

Brian Castro is a Student Travel Consultant here in the CALS AG Study Abroad Office. He’s a senior in Nutritional Science and has many a study abroad experience! Here is some Q&A from his time in Panama.
brian castro
 Where did you study abroad?
A: Cerro Pelado/ Santiago, Panama
What interested you in that trip?
A: Malnutrition in rural villages of Panama
What was your biggest take away from the trip?
A: Solving poverty and malnutrition that is an extremely systemic issue. There is no silver bullet when it comes to solving poverty and malnutrition.

How did your experience influence your view of agriculture?

A: Subsistence farming is still the most widely practiced form of agriculture around the world. Agriculture has also evolved in many places and seems to be frozen in time in a few places around the world.

How will those experiences influence your future?

A: I would like to dedicate my professional life/career to irradiating extreme hunger and poverty.

What is your best memory from the trip?

A: Playing soccer in the rain with Panamanian children.


Brian’s trip influenced him a lot, and if you’d like to learn more or hear from our other STCs in person- stop by our office and say “HI!”. We’d love to tell our story to you.


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